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Retail store "HobbySet"

"HobbySet" is the first, and today the only, specialized store in the Baltic States, which offers a wide range of products for Hobby and Fine Art.
"HobbySet" is located in Riga, in city center, Dzirnavu street 100. We try to be at the Center not only geographically - the creative team of our store introduces its visitors to a completely different world - the world of cordiality, light and creative inventions, where EVERYONE can apply and try the possibilities.
"HobbySet" invites ARTISTS. In the store you will find brushes and spatulas, oil, acrylic and watercolor paints, gouache, charcoal, pastel crayons, pencils for sketches and technical works, briefcases for sketches, easels, drawers for brushes and paints, sketch and drawing albums, watercolor albums, watercolor sheets of paper and other useful things for painting and drawing.
"HobbySet" will offer you all the necessary products in order to please friends and relatives - to make a unique card, unique wedding invitations, arrange a photo album. Each of us dreams of receiving a beautiful birthday card as an acknowledgment of love and friendship. This hobby is called Scrapbooking.
"HobbySet" is a great helper for those who like to spend time with CHILDREN. You can purchase creative games, various paints, geometric shapes and figures of animals from polystyrene foam, blanks for finger and wooden dolls, wooden, plastic, metal, cardboard figures and paint them in all colors of the rainbow, and decorate with any materials - paints, structural pastes, colored glass beads, a self-adhesive mirror mosaic, feathers, using scissors with a decorative cut, as well as scissors for left-handed people. You can weave interesting decors or figures of animals from plastic straws “Scoubidou”. You can choose a suitable gift for both a child and an adult. A creative family day off will help not only develop the child’s abilities, but also strengthen the atmosphere of unity and harmony in the family.
"HobbySet" will be highly appreciated by FLORISTS. The assortment includes dry oasis floristic foam of various shapes, iron frames, wire, floristic crepe paper, glue guns, and various tools.
"HobbySet" has taken care of an extensive assortment for JEWELRY MANUFACTURERS. You can collect beautiful polymer clay beads, bracelets, rings and earrings from beads, Swarovski crystals, glass or wooden beads and various blanks: chains, locks, staples, various strings and wires, as well as purchase all the necessary tools for making jewelry.
EMBROIDERERS in a wide assortment are offered floss threads, needles and auxiliary materials.
FOR MODELING AND FORMING, experts and enthusiasts will find silicone, rubber and latex materials, gypsum, casting molds, as well as tools FOR SCULPTORS AND WOOD CUTTERS. For modeling clay, plastic, paper and pulp, sculptural clay are offered.
A variety of decorative, 3-D and decoupage paper, figures made of MDF material for relief paintings, napkins, everything for painting on silk, phosphoric, neon, spray paints, stationery, stones and glass for mosaics, stencils, silk products, wood, metal, clay and ceramic products, transparent figures and balls made of acrylic, EULENSPIEGEL Face Paints - body paints, ribbons, jewelry, wedding products, foil for the manufacture of lamps and lampshades, colored wool for wet and dry felting / felting, felting / felting needles - this is only a small part of the proposed selection of goods. Our range is constantly updated and expanded, taking into account new fashion trends, as well as the wishes of customers. It is also important that everything in the products found is not allergic, toxic, loyal to the environment and safe for health.
"HobbySet" offers more than 15,000 quality products from Latvia, Germany, Russia, Holland, France, USA, England and Italy. Here you can choose the appropriate products for simple hobbyists and enthusiasts, as well as for professionals.
Our team
"HobbySet" is the door to a new and exciting world of creativity. Our responsive consultants will tell you about different hobbies, materials and opportunities for creative expression and help you choose the right kit.
Out team are people who like what they do. We want you to succeed, so we offer a training programs for various hobbies. You can try everything, choose the most interesting and boldly strive for even the most ambitious projects!
"HobbySet" is always glad to its guests - WELCOME!

Client card
Our customer card allows you to make purchases cheaper, collect bonuses and receive information about promotions, new supplies, special offers and training programs for the DekoIdeja needlework school!
HobbySet Customer Card Benefits:
  • The acquisition of all goods with a discount;
  • The accumulation of bonuses and their use when paying. For every 0.10 € spent, 1 bonus is accumulated. 10 bonuses = 0,01 €;
  • The ability to receive information about new products and promotions in the store;
  • The ability to timely receive information about new training programs.
To become an owner of the HobbySet Client Card:
  • Ask the questionnaire from the consultants and fill it out;
  • Register a questionnaire with a consultant;
  • The one-time price of a HobbySet Client Card is 2,50€.
The client card is valid only in the "HobbySet" retail store!
Gift card
How often do you have to rack your brains while inventing a present for a loved one? How difficult it is sometimes to decide which gift to choose so that a person likes it and is not commonplace!
We offer you a simple solution - "HobbySet" store gift cards!
You buy a card, give it to the hero of the occasion, and he comes to the store and chooses everything that he really needs - paints, glues, decors, accessories or tools.
  • In the "HobbySet" retail store you can purchase a Gift Card starting at 10 €!
  • Gift Card can be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • The gift card is valid only in the HobbySet retail store!
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