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SIA HobbySet wholesale customers
- are large and small companies. Thanks to a wide range of products, we can cover a very wide range of consumers, so our wholesale offer is interesting for companies in various industries. We work with shops, artists and craftsmen. Our customers are also educational institutions and creative workshops.
With each client we find the most suitable model of cooperation, which is mutually beneficial.
For more convenient placement of goods and space planning, we offer product stands of different manufacturers.
Wholesale customers have the advantage of receiving information about upcoming deliveries and new products in order to be able to successfully plan their future orders.

A wide selection of products, attractive prices and professional customer service have made us a leader in the handicraft, painting and hobby market in Latvia and the Baltic countries.

Address:    Dzirnavu street 100, Riga, LV-1050
Phone:       +371 27709202
E-mail:      [email protected]