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Payment methods

Payment via Internet Banking

How to pay using Internet banking:
1. Place an order and in the "Payment Method" column select:
        "Swedbank Internet banking" or
        "Internetbank SEB, Luminor, Citadele".
2. will direct you to your bank’s page and transfer the amount to be paid to the electronic banking system.
3. On the electronic banking service page, connect in a way convenient for you and in the system a payment for the selected goods will already be generated for you. You will only have to confirm the payment.
4. After confirming the payment, click on the "Return to Seller" button and you will return to the page again.
5. The data for connecting to the electronic banking service system is used only to connect to the bank’s page, and is not transmitted when returning to the online store.

With debit/credit card (online)

How to pay for an order with a debit / credit card (online):
  • Enter the card number, your name and surname, and CVC number on the second side of the card, which consists of three digits.
  • When making a payment - your data is protected with an SSL certificate.
Payment by debit/credit card (online) is possible only if the bank that issued the card to you takes part in secure online shopping programs (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa). After entering the card details, you can be sent to your bank’s website to enter the security code necessary to confirm your identity. If the payment is not confirmed, please contact the bank that issued your card or choose another payment method.

Bank transfer

  • You can pay the bill through the Internet bank or at one of the bank branches.
  • The account that will be sent to your email address will contain the details for payment.
  • Please pay only on the basis of the invoice you received.
  • Making a payment, please note the invoice number!
  • The purchase will be deemed paid only after receiving the money in the bank account of SIA “HobbySet”.
  • The bill is payable within 3 business days, if the bill is not paid within the specified period, the order will be canceled.
Cash and bank card
Pay in your usual way - in cash and by credit card at the time of receipt of the goods:
  • In our retail store, on the street Dzirnavu 100
  • To the courier who delivered the goods to your home