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Dry felting step by step
1. First, the fibers of the wool are picked, take about as much fiber as the size of the object you want to create. Fibers can be added during the felting process if necessary.
2. Making a ball.
Woolen fiber is stretched in the hands and placed on a felting sponge. With a felting needle, pierce the ball from all sides to form the desired shape. The pricking process is carried out until the wool becomes homogeneous, hard and takes the desired shape.
- If you poke a needle several times in one place, a hole will form there - this way you can simulate the desired shape.
- the longer you stick a needle into the ball, the harder, denser and smaller it will become.
3. During the felting process, woolen fiber and other colors can be added to obtain the desired pattern.
4. Try the dry technique on a special felting brush - when working with larger items, it's even easier to keep the item in place.
5. The longer you pierce the ball with a needle, the harder, denser and smaller it will become.

- The felting needle is very sharp, be careful not to hurt yourself;
- Insert the needle straight in and out, otherwise it may break.
6. In the process of felting, by pricking the needle several times in the same place, it is possible to model the shape of the object.

- by adding woolen fibers of other colors, a beautiful pattern is formed;
- small details are made with a thinner needle.
7. When creating more complex items, separate felted parts are first created, then they are interconnected by piercing.
8. Glue or sew bright eyes to the felted teddy bear, tie a tie and the cute gentleman is ready!
9. In the technique of dry felting, you can felt not only toys, but also hairpins, bracelets, beads, earrings and much more!
10. You will find all the necessary materials in our section Goods for felting.
For the dry felting technique, you will need: