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DIY Christmas decor from acrylic balls - MC and video

Acrylic ball from 2 parts as a Christmas decoration.

Small gifts or various types of decorations can be placed inside the balls - there are no limits to imagination.
First, tint the inside of the ball with metallic acrylic paint:
1) tint the edges of the ball (part 1) with gold color - stronger at the edges, but closer to the center, with an almost dry sponge, thus creating a "mist".
2) when the gold paint has dried, then paint the entire inside of the ball in a pink mother-of-pearl tone - when viewed from the outside, the golden "smoke" will be visible.
After that, fir trees of various sizes are cut out of corrugated cardboard and glued inside the balls with hot glue.
When the cardboard Christmas trees are glued, then cotton pearl balls are glued to the base, on the Christmas trees and elsewhere. We picked cotton beads of different sizes because they are light weight, but you can also use plastic or wooden balls, etc. decorations.

And then create and glue a composition of various Christmas decorations - reindeer, gnomes, sleighs, etc.
Finally, glue the artificial snow flakes:
1) PVA glue is applied to the surface,
2) sprinkle snow flakes on top and let it dry.

Snowflakes can be glued both inside and outside the acrylic ball.
May you have a creative fantasy in creating decorations!

Click on the image to watch the video!