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Discount coupon in the online store

-10% Discount Coupon in the e-store

How to get a Discount Coupon:

  • Any customer, making a purchase on the website, will receive a Discount Coupon for the next purchase in his e-mail after completing the purchase.
  • For new customers - sign up to receive NEWS (by entering your e-mail address) and you will immediately receive a -10% Discount Coupon to your specified e-mail. The news subscription box can be found at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Attention! Also check other sections of your e-mail - sometimes the Discount Coupon may fall into the following sections: Advertising, SPAM.

How the -10% Discount Coupon works:

  • The validity period of the Discount Coupon is 1 calendar month from the moment of receipt of the coupon for an unlimited number of purchases.
  • When making a purchase in the e-store, the received Discount Coupon number must be entered in the required box.
  • After completing the purchase, at your e-mail you will receive a new Discount Coupon for future purchases.
  • If the validity period of the Discount Coupon is overdue, you must make a purchase without a discount, after which you will receive a new Discount Coupon for the next purchase by e-mail.
  • Discounts are not duplicated! If you choose Promotional products with a discount, they will have the price indicated on the website with a discount, while non-promotional products will have a 10% discount.
  • If the cart contains only Promotional items with a discount, the -10% discount coupon will not be applied.