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Reverse decoupage inside an acrylic ball
Required materials:
- Decoupage napkins (currently only available in-store)
- Acrylic paints (here - white)
1. cut out or tear out the napkin motifs.
2. separate and remove the 2 lower white layers.
3. Glue the napkin motif inside the acrylic ball with decoupage glue. Spread the glue over the napkin motif, starting from the center and smoothing out to all sides from the center.

Since the bottom white layers of the napkin motif have been removed, the napkin is very thin, the glue will seep through in no time.
4. mark the dots with golden acrylic paint.

5. tint the edges of the acrylic ball (inside the ball) with acrylic paint and a sponge.

Take a little paint, dry the excess on a napkin - this way you will be able to create a smoky effect.
6. when the gold acrylic paint has dried, cover the inside of the ball with white acrylic paint over everything - the decoupage effect will remain visible on the outside of the ball.

But inside you can create a different decor!
The inside of the ball can be additionally made using the traditional decoupage technique or painted and filled with small decorations.

Artificial snowflakes are glued with PVA glue.
Acrylic balls in decoupage technique.
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